Mahlangeni Camp

The Tsonga word Mahlangeni refers to “the meeting place” and when you stay at this camp, you will experience why this name is apt.

Built into the bank of the Groot River, you have to descend a few steps to get to the wooden walkways that interconnect the tents and bathrooms of this camp, while providing a lovely view across the river and down the Groot River valley.

Mahlangeni Camp accommodates 6 people in 3 bow tents. 2 Tents are fitted with a double bed in each, while the other tent each has both a ¾ and a single bed. A small communal bathroom, with separate entrances for the toilet and shower, serves all 3 tents.

Bedding and towels are provided and all the beds have electric blankets for colder nights and each tent has a small fan for warmer nights and the bed side lamps provide sufficient light.

The quaint kitchen area provides all the basics you will need, including a fridge/freezer, microwave, 2-plate stove, kettle and toaster, as well as ample shade for hot days and protection from the rain if needed. Situated right next to the fire pit, it allows everyone to still “kuier” together, even while preparing food