Nyala Camp

Just like Nyala prefer thickets, this camp has been built in a small clearing amongst the riverine thicket on a bend in the Groot River and it is often visited by its namesakes. A cosy stone cottage makes Nyala Camp unique amongst our tented camps.

6 people can be accommodated in this camp, 2 in the 1 bedroom cottage with double bed and the other 4 in 2 bow tents, one with a double bed and single bed, and the other with a three quarter bed and a single bed. The stone cottage has an en-suite bathroom, while an outer bathroom in the same building accommodates the guests staying in the tents.

Bedding and towels are provided and all the beds have electric blankets for colder nights and each tent has a small fan for warmer nights. Bed side lamps provide sufficient light and all tents are carpeted.

A small roofed kitchen area is separate to the cottage and tents and has a small veranda in front for shade or protection from rain. The kitchen provides all the basics you will need, including a fridge/freezer, microwave, 2-plate stove, kettle and toaster. It overlooks the fire pit that is central within the camp. This camp is wheelchair friendly.